This week’s excuse for a delay is: server relocation. For the second time this year. Go figure.

Here’s a tip: don’t get started in server operations. That’s a road that never ends.

I first relocated my server from somewhere in a mountain in southern Sweden to a datacenter in Frankfurt for cost reasons. I only just now relocated again to Lithuania for the exact same reason; you don’t need a whole lot of capacity in your machine when you’re running a site like this. It consumes virtually no storage, bandwidth, or processing power. It just sits there, like a good Apache server should. Consequently, I can run on a small, cheap VPS, rather than the old dedicated brick I used to have.

In other blog-related news, I’m in the midst of re-working the theme for the site. I’ve sort of learned how Jekyll does its various things now and I’ve learned what irks me with the current theme. I’ve found a suitable replacement which, of course, isn’t perfect, but I’ll Frankenstein them together into what I want. Gotta love open source.

As much as I wish it were otherwise, though, I do not presently have a lot of time for doing DevOps on the blog, so development will be slow. It’ll come, but not now. Got studies and moves and other things to deal with first. This relocation is one less hurdle, though.