The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

– Laozi

Profound, yes? Now consider these words by another long-dead dude:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

– Seneca

It’s Sunday of the final’s week of study period three of year five.

By rights, I should be halfway through my thesis project at this point, but I decided to Not Do That™. Instead, I have another period of courses ahead of me, but no matter how I swing it, this period of studies will be my last.

It feels… strange. I get the idea that this should feel profound, but it doesn’t. If I passed the exam I did on Tuesday – and that’s a big if – I only have two exams to go. And a project. And a thesis. So it’s not like I graduate tomorrow, but the fact that I’ll actually be an engineer (Civilingenjör or M.Sc.Eng) soon is noteworthy. Then I’ll move out into the workforce in some form or another and, finally, become a Real Boy™.

But before that, I’ll be a tentaingenjör (an engineering student who has passed all their exams and only has their thesis left before graduation). And before that, I actually have to pass my exams.

The Road Ahead

This is where I’m at: I have four courses this semester. I also have two engagements in the Student Union.

The Last Courses I’ll Ever Do

There’s Advanced Functional Programming is (hopefully) dealt with – I wrote the final on Tuesday and I’ll find out in a week or two how it went. Let’s just say it has earned the right to put “Advanced” in its name. Then there’s Advanced Computer Graphics which also contains the word “Advanced”, but is way easier to grasp than AFP. Maybe because it’s more fun. It also runs at half-pace, so I won’t be finishing that until mid-May.

Tomorrow, I start Parallel Functional Programming and Finite Automata Theory and Formal Languages. The former is supposed to be AFPlite while also touching on the dos and don’ts of parallelism, while the latter is a Bachelor’s-level course that’s supposedly very good. I admit I know little about it, but the word “automata” sounds cool, so how bad could it be?

Spending of Free Time

Then there’s the Chalmers Student Union. At the moment of writing, I’m nearing the end of my term as both Master of the Club of the Ceremony Committee and Deputy Speaker of the Council. Between them, they eat up a fair bit of the free time I have – which is the intent, really. Need something to do besides studying.

Regarding ceremonies, there are few left. There’s the Changing of the Caps and the Cortège on April 30th and the Spring Ball on May 13th. There’s also the aspiration process, but more on that in a second.

The Council is nearly done with its work as well. There are two more ordinary council sessions left, but the nearest is also guaranteed to be the longest. Why? Because we’re electing who’s going to be running the union (the Management Team) for the next year. That all happens on April 5th and 8th. Then there’s the eighth and last session on May 10th, and then I’ll be done.

Since the end is near in both cases, I’m actively looking for who’ll take my place next year. With the Ceremony Committee there’s a whole process with parties, Q&A sessions, and so on, called aspning (from aspire). It’s turning out to be really fun – keep in mind that I never attended the aspning myself due to being abroad last year. For the Speaker’s Presidium, there’s not much of a process; we’re just looking for interested and (more-or-less) serious individuals.

Outside Campus

There is life outside Chalmers, believe it or not. The main point there is that I’m trying to find somewhere new to live.

After having had the Embassy for over four years, I do really want to find something bigger. Moreover, this is a student flat. When I graduate, I won’t be a student anymore, so I’ll have to get out. I’d rather get out ahead of time, so as to not be evicted. Also, I’m 24 years old. I’d really like to move my computer out of my bedroom / my bed out of my office. Is that too much to ask?

At the time of writing, I have a few flats scoped out that I think I’ll like. I’ll know for sure if I get the offer for a viewing. I’ll know whether that happens in the next few days.

So, About This Blog

Ah. Yes. About that…

For starters, the development of this blog theme is going Very Slowly™ (read: nowhere). That’s not for lack of ideas, but it is for lack of time. I can’t motivate doing marathon sessions for it like I did for Consilium (which is also going nowhere fast).

The weekly writing cycle has been a plan since the beginning, but AFP very efficiently shut that plan down with weekly, Sunday night deadlines. I’m hoping to schedule myself better in the coming period, but there’s no guarantee. Of anything.

There’s also the backlog from my old site. It’s all sitting here, half-imported. Once I figure out how to deal with pictures in a way that makes sense – preserving captions isn’t trivial in Jekyll – and galleries – which I’ll probably just have to write myself – I’ll get it sorted.

The baseline is that there’s only 24 hours in a day, university has priority, and I hear sleep is good every now and then. Don’t want to trip on the home stretch.

Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

– Charles Barkley

That’ll be all.