Dear friends and readers, it’s been far too long. As always. I feel like I open most of my correspondence like that these days. “Sorry about the delay” and some hastily made excuse which inevitably boils down to “I’ve been busy.”

Anyway, this little post is to show and state that I am, effective today, bringing this blog back to life. Having grown bored with Wordpress and my old webhost, I’ve switched to a Jekyll site. It’s more work than a Wordpress site, but it allows me so, so much more freedom to do what I want with the site, without having to resort to godforsakenly ugly PHP-hax.

The history from my old blog has been salvaged and will be brought up soon-ish, but this is all you get for now. Let’s just say that making Wordpress play nice with Jekyll is not an exact science.

To be continued.

P.S. I should add that the blog design is not final and is almost guaranteed to change over the coming weeks. I’m still figuring this Jekyll thing out.